About me

Note – info about a nonprofit project „Putování krajinou“ that I run can be found here (Czech language only).

IT Solutions Architect

I offer my services as the independent freelancer – IT solutions and integration architect consultant and lector.

My specialization:

  1. B2B (business-to-business) IT systems integration (connecting technical solutions between companies) – both IT realization and the supporting methodologies focused on the long-term lifecycle and maintainability of such integrations.
  2. Online Web/Mobile Solutions (selfcare, SSO, eshop, mobile applications and similar systems mainly for Telco segment) including mobile applications API gateway
  3. A.I. – I focus on the integration of chatbots/voicebots at the moment, but I am open to other areas, too

In the area of A.I.  (Artifical Intelligence) I offer:

  • the experience with the implementation and integration of chatbots
  • the technical knowledge of the IBM Watson Assistant

In the are of the B2B Integration I offer services:

  • Process analysis of the integration – The design of the processes realized over the B2B interface and definition of the responsibility split between the connected partners
  • Integration of the interface and the processes into the internal company ecosystem – solutions architecture
  • design of the technical integration architecture – a structure of the interface
  • design of the strategies and approach for B2B partner connectivity and migrations
  • communication with B2B partners – presentation of the integration and explanation of the processes
  • support in the pilot partners connectivity and migrations
  • long-term B2B interface documentation methodologies
  • methodology for the management of the long-term lifecycle of the B2B integration (API versioning, version upgrades, partner environment, backwards compatibility etc.)

In the area of the Online Web/Mobile solutions I offer services:

  • enterprise architecture – creating blueprint of the online domain  -i.e. components of the solutions, SSO, high-availability (not only infrastructure, but also data/processes/integrations), scalability, decoupling presentation layer from backend data sources, security aspects, load-testing , etc.
  • solution architecture – specific solutions like portals, selfcare and mobile application support (backend APIs)

Motivation – consultant and freelancer

The reason why I choose the independent career is that I want to focus on the above mentioned complex issues. The specialization gives me these advantages:

  • experience with different companies and different environments (see my CV) gives a possibility of the broader view
  • an independent point of view not tight with the company internals
  • and thereby higher added value for the customer

What you can expect from me:

  • reliability – because the lifecycle of the B2B methodologies and solutions can last for years and because the designed solutions are published to the Internet i.e. are a subject of the security attacks
  • openness – I will tell you what my professional opinion is
  • pragmatism – it is good to know what the ideal solution would look like, but respecting the real capabilities of the company and people involved in the project is a must

What I prefer:

  • working using agile methodologies
  • teams focused on the successful delivery
  • projects with a strong and active management support
  • disruptive projects – let the future be better!

My experience

More than 22 years of professional experience in various IT roles (from programmer, over software architect and solutions architect to enterprise architect). Thereby my designs respect not only the technical point of view but also the process and organization aspects of the company.

Experience in publishing the internal IT systems to the “open Internet” – i.e. security considerations.

Telco domain expertise.

One of the biggest challenges in my career till now was the realization of the infrastructure split of telecommunications operator O2 Czech Republic to 2 separate subjects (O2 as the services operator and CETIN as the infrastructure provider). At that time the project was unique so it involved using all of the experience in the above areas and also a lot of creativity.

I use my experience of the lector to hand-over the knowhow to my customers.

In my personal life I run a nonprofit project where I organize trips into the nature with the focus on the personal self-development using the experiential learning activities – www.putovanikrajinou.cz I also participate as a volunteer in the nonprofit organization Život trochu jinak, that focuses on the integration of the visually impaired people into the common life.


You can find my CV on linkedin.


Mgr. Michal Martinásek
Vacínovská 831/2
158 00, Praha 5
Czech Republic, Europe

IČO 01934066
(I am the VAT payer / jsem plátce DPH)

Michal Martinásek